A work coat that alerts the worker of extreme noise levels

The risk for hearing loss due to exposure to noise is especially high among factory and heavy industry workers. 

Together with fashion designers and a textile designer we developed Wearable Noise during one week in November.

The coat was sewn from thermochromic fabric (produced at the university by a textiles student) and is equipped with a micro-controller and a small Arduino microphone. 


The mic picks up constant, intense sound, opens the circuit and the colour change reaction spreads throughout from conductive thread that covers the coat. 

Wearable Noise is a concept that inspires many uses and is up for interpretation. It may be regarded as a reminder for the worker to put on ear protection, feedback that the machines are running, or perhaps a signal to the factory boss that his employee is suffering ear damage.

COURSE Smart Textiles Workshop. 


BRIEF Wearable Tech. A collaboration with students of the Swedish School of Textiles  

TEAM Emily Keller (IxD), Statira Jazayeri (Textile Designer), Tom Summers, Helena Theise, and Julia Ragnarsson (Fashion Designers)

Check out the process video here.

Our garment was selected to be on exhibit in the   Smart Textiles   Showroom in Borås, Sweden in 2015.

Our garment was selected to be on exhibit in the Smart Textiles Showroom in Borås, Sweden in 2015.