What if we could help awaken memories through music and sounds?

Remind is a system for Alzheimer’s patients and their families. Alzheimer’s patients are connected with their families through a personalised music device and mobile application. The device is used by the patient and managed by their family members or caregivers through the app. When the patient does not remember a face, a sound is used in place to “remind” the user and trigger memories. When the patient is alone, the device acts as a companion.


An estimated 5.4 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Personalized music helps these people to remember who they are. 

We identified the opportunity for improving the quality of life and relationship of Alzheimer’s patients and their families through sound. Currently, Ipod shuffles are given out in nursing homes to Alzheimer's patients, however an opportunity exists for improving the user experience to be more tangible and manageable with a user-centred approach.


BRIEF We drew inspiration from the documentary, “Alive Inside”. This project was a collaboration between myself and three other Designers

TEAM Emily Keller, Miglė Padegimaitė,  Lina Trulsson, Darja Wendel


The making of

Prototyping vibrations in Arduino.   Click for video!

Prototyping vibrations in Arduino. Click for video!

Most people associate music with important events and a wide array of emotions. The connection can be so strong that hearing a tune long after the occurrence evokes a memory of it.
— Alzheimer's Foundation of America

Research done by the Foundation has proved that music improves memory and taps deep into memories not lost to dementia, enabling people to feel themselves again. The Foundation reported that,  Music therapy even helps in the late stages of dementia.

We aimed to improve the situation in which the patient is isolated and alone to become “alive inside.”