Improving the long-haul truck driver experience in autonomous convoys through emotional interaction design.

make sure the truck operator remains aware of their actions and decisions at all times.

Our proposed concept is an interface concept that involves a Head-Up-Display (HUD), an interactive steering wheel, voice commands and voice feedback. To illustrate how the Heart of Scania functions we illustrated three scenarios (joining a platoon, leaving a platoon and dealing with an emergency situation).

This six weeks project was completed in the first semester of the Master of Interaction Design program at Umeå Institute of Design for the ongoing ‘Methods for Designing Autonomous Systems’ (MODAS) project led by industry partners Scania and the Interactive Institute Piteå.




According to the long-haul trucking industry, the driving environment is transforming. We are moving away from driving trucks manually to supervising the operation of highly autonomous trucks.

The “Heart of Scania” is a  proposal for a multimodal truck interface of an autonomous platooning system in the year 2030. As the truck driver of the future is relieved of the task of driving his vehicle, the question becomes how to build trust in the autonomous driving system and how to make the driver comfortable with this situation. Given these challenges we wanted to humanize the technology within the truck, making it a trustworthy companion on the truck operator’s journey. We also wanted to give technology a clear point of reference within the truck and finally we aimed to  


BRIEF Design multi-modal interface for the long-haul truckers of tomorrow. Focus problem: highway driving

TEAM Emily Keller, Kevin Gaunt, Miglė Padegimaitė,  Roi Pouliadou.


Autonomous Truck Drivers Operators in 2030



Props for scenarios

Bodystorming to solve problems

Bodystorming to solve problems

An interactive steering wheel

An interactive steering wheel





beep! beep!

Historically, the steering wheel has been the only way to communicate with other drivers on the road. What was once used to release frustration, or to get other's attention, will transform into an interface. Commands will be communicated to the system as the operator engages and disengages platoon mode.

In addition to being an intuitive place for interaction, "...the steering wheel has always been the heart of the brand," we were told by Scania Trucks.

Interactions with the steering wheel hub

Interactions with the steering wheel hub