Self Expression & Skill Progression 

These wearable computers we bring into the world should make technology invisible and not to be invasive or disruptive to something as pure and simple as skateboarding. 
So why did I create a hoodie that generates art? To celebrate the tricks and delight the observers with the skater's personal style. I designed a concept direction that is more expressive rather than trying to teach someone to skateboard. Data can be beautiful and this case its visualised with wearable art instantly in context.
A side goal was to take on the challenge of integrating LEDs elegantly into the garment. I did a lot of fabric and light explorations in order for it not too look like a typical ixd christmas tree.
The following is my process:

The Future is Now, or isn’t it? Why hasn’t wearable technology taken off as expected? It certainly isn’t for lack of technological advancements. Sensors are continuously being made smaller, stronger, lighter, faster and most importantly to consumer production cheaper. So what is it about wearables that’s not really catching on?
 An article recently published by the Guardian states that wearable tech is "not particularly wearable". They go on to say that "our identity is fundamentally tied to the clothes we choose and the accessories with which we adorn our bodies”.
My feelings are that wearables work when designed for a specific group performing a certain activity, as opposed to wearables for everyone.  Why do we care how many steps I took today vs last month? What do we do with all this data?