Emily Keller is a Product Designer working on AI-enabled products.


I’m working with the talented people of Element AI, designing a tool that will make a significant positive impact on people's day-to-day jobs, and helping my team learn about the people we're designing for. 

My previous design work spans a range of services and devices such as wearables, voice interfaces, mobile, web apps, and beyond.

I have a few past lives too.

They include being a craftsperson, a carrot farmer, and a senior consultant in Advisory with a major professional services firm where I worked in interesting domains such as nuclear power and jet fuel.

And then I went to Industrial Design school.

Once I discovered that the combination of an understanding of people, technology, society, and business was a thing called design, I went all in.

I enjoy the design approach to solving problems, bringing ideas to life and letting people know and (hopefully) experience the vision.

Let’s be friends.

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